Please note that I reserve the right to refuse any listings that are overpriced. If you are unsure of how much to price the timeshare, see our recommended prices below or put $11111 in the price box and I will email or call you. If we can agree on a value we will proceed,
if not we will remove the listing.

80% of our sales are within 90 days of listing or 90 days of a price reduction, if you haven’t sold within 90 days please consider a price reduction. Sometimes it only takes a $500 reduction to make it sell! Please mark your calendar.


For weeks 1-9 and weeks 48-50 base price of $2000
For weeks 10-23 and weeks 35-46 base price of $2500
For weeks 47,51,52 base price of $3000
For weeks 26-32 base price of $3000
For weeks 24-25 and weeks 33-34 base price of $2500
For weeks located in 117-144 reduce base price by $500
For units in single level duplex buildings add $500
For units in 361-378 and 1