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1.  Pick the week or timeshare interest that you desire.

2.  Call or email us with any questions that you might have.  Please feel free to call the resort also.  You will find the resorts phone number on the bottom of the web page that lists everything that we have for sale at that resort.  Some resorts are very helpful, some are not quite as helpful.  I think it also depends on who is sitting at the desk.

3.  Make an offer.   You can call or email us your offer.

4.  We will call the seller and present your offer, the seller will accept or counter your offer.  If the owner accepts or you accept the owners counter offer,

5.  We will mail, email, or fax a written agreement/escrow intructions to both the buyer and seller.

6.  Mail the accepted agreement back to us with a deposit check payable to California Timeshare Resales Trust Accounts.  On low priced weeks  we have you deposit the entire amount plus closing costs and resort transfer fee.

7.  We will open escrow when we receive your check and will deposit the check in the escrow trust account..

8.  When you receive the balance of the closing instructions in the mail, fax or email, all you need to do is sign and  return the instructions with the balance of the money.  

9.  As soon as escrow has papers and money back from both the buyer and seller escrow will record the grant deed. As part of the closing escrow will notify the management company of the new buyer and forward the resort transfer fee.  You will receive the resort welcoming package usually within two to four weeks depending upon how fast the management company processes the transfer.  Once you receive the package you can start taking advantage of everything that your new resort offers.