1. What do you mean by Trading Power?
2.  How is Trading Power decided?
3.  How about day use of the resort?
4.  When I purchase a timeshare from this site, where will escrow be held and will I get clear title.
5.  How are resorts rated for quality?
6.  Why are your prices so much lower than the developer's prices?
7.  What is better a fixed week timeshare or a floating week timeshare?
8.  What if I have other questions?
9.  What are the steps to becoming an owner?
1.  What do you mean by Trading Power?
Obviously, not all resorts are equal in quality, demand and service.  The exchange companies need to have some way to make the exchange process fair and equitable.  They do this by having a computerized rating system that evens out the playing field.  The primary goal of trading power is to make the system an "equal for equal" exchange.  Back to Top.

2.  How is Trading Power decided?
Exchange companies such as Resort Condominiums International (RCI) or Interval International (II) use several factors to determine trading power.  Some of these factors are:

A)  The rating of your home resort as to quality and satisfaction of guests.  The better the feedback from non-owners who stay at your home resort, the higher your trading power.  

B)  The size of  the unit you own.  Larger units have higher trading power.

C)  Whether the week you give up is a red, white, or blue week.  Red time is the highest demand time and has the highest trading power.

D)  The supply and demand at your home resort.  How desirable is it?  Do non-owners want to trade into it?  High demand and usage means higher trading power.

E)  The supply and demand of weeks in the geographic area in which you own.  Again high demand and usage means higher trading power.

F)  How far in advance you deposit your week for exchange.  If you wait until a month before your week has to be used, you won't have any trading power.  Try to deposit at least eight months in advance for maximum trading power.  Back to Top

3.  How about day use of the resort?
Some resorts offer day use, usually for free, for owners who live close enough to take advantage of the resort.  This turns your resort into a country club for you on a year-round basis.  Back to Top

4.  When I purchase a timeshare from this site, where will escrow be held and will I get clear title.
We have an in-house escrow department for our escrows (if you are from a non-escrow state, this is basically a company that does nothing but closings).  They specialize in closing timeshares just like we specialize in selling timeshares.  Title insurance is available for an extra fee from Chicago Title Insurance.  Back to Top

5.  How are resorts rated?
RCI rates resorts on three levels.  The highest quality is Gold Crown.  In order to qualify for gold crown, the resort must have certain amenities and must have high customer satisfaction reports from the guests.  Resorts of International Distinction is the next level down for RCI.  All resorts can qualify for a Resort of International Distinction rating, it just takes a certain level of customer satisfaction (not as high as gold crown) in order to qualify.  Standard resorts are all the rest.  In Interval International a Five Star rating is awarded to resorts that qualify based on amenities and customer satisfaction.  A resort  can lose its rating if it fails to maintain its facilities or lets customer satisfaction fall.  Back to Top

6.  Why are your prices so much lower than the developer's prices?
Developer's prices must cover their very expensive overhead.  Overhead at resorts that are currently selling can run 50-70%.  The owners of the weeks that we offer have had many years of great vacations but now for various reasons (death, illness, financial, etc.) no longer want to vacation.  This makes a great opportunity for the wise buyer.  Back to Top

7.  What is better a fixed week timeshare or a floating week timeshare?
Fixed weeks are especially good if you plan on being at the resort the same week every year.  At most  resorts you can do an internal exchange and for a small fee you can have whatever week you want.  Because you have a fixed week you can deposit earlier to the exchange companies.  Floating weeks are great if you are always going back to the resort but you don't know when.  This saves you paying a fee to change your week.  Many times resorts bulk bank weeks to the exchange company, when you get  credited with the week at the exchange company, you don't know the trading power of that week.  Back to Top

8.  What if I have other questions?
You can contact us toll free at  800-860-6529 or you can e-mail us. 

 We look forward to hearing from you.  Back to Top

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