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from a flyer passed out by the Welk Resort
Interval International Benefits for Villas on the Green Owners
according to the Welk Resort

1.  Interval International  is the exchange company of choice of many of the high-end hotel companies that are in vacation ownership such as;  Hyatt, Westin, Marriott, Disney, Four Seasons and Sheraton.

2.  Since there are so few Interval resorts in the San Diego area, and the demand is so high, Welk owners will enjoy great exchange value.

3.  Two for one exchanges.  Villas on the Green owners receive two exchanges for every deposited unit/week in the Villas on the Greeen project through Interval.  (Please note this might not be quite as good as it sounds, call me for details)

4.  On-site Interval office at the Welk Resort.  Less than 1% of resorts in the Interval system have on-site Interval offices.

5.  Interval is one of the top exchange companies in Hawaii, Mexico, Caribbean, Orlando and Palm Springs - very popular destinations for Welk owners.

6.  Interval is a highly rated and high-volume travel agency, booking cruises with the top 3 cruise lines.

7.  Interval gives you more flexibility in the exchange deposit process than other companies when exchanging your week.  You can Deposit your week first and then request and exchange OR, if you think you may want to exchange, but don't want to give up the right to use your home resort week until you have a confirmed exchange, you can use the Request First method of exchange.  This way you have the security of retaining your week until the request is confirmed.  (Not applicable to bonus weeks.)

8.  Golf Program:  There are many participating Golf Resorts in Interval International that give you a 20% discount on green fees AND preferred tee times.